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Student drop-off is from 7:15AM – 7:50AM.  To enter the student drop-off line in the mornings, parents/guardians must enter on North Street off of Highway 171 or travel down Louisiana Avenue from Rosepine High School and proceed to the back of the school to enter the drop off line.  For safety concerns, students shall remain in vehicles until the duty teachers arrive at their duty station.  There will be four “DROP OFF HERE ONLY” signs stationed throughout the drop off line.  At these four stations, the duty teacher will take each student’s temperature before exiting the vehicle.  If the temperature is below 100.4, the student will proceed to the entrance of the kindergarter/1st grade building to enter campus.  If the temperature is 100.4 or higher, the parent/guardian will be given a temperature check card and be instructed to leave the parent drop off line to drive to the parking lot by the main office in building A.  After waiting 10 minutes, the child must be walked to the front office door where the duty teacher will accept the temperature check card.  The child’s temperature will be taken again.  If the temperature is 100.3 or lower, the child will be admitted on campus.  If the temperature is 100.4 or higher, the child will not be allowed on campus until 24 hours have passed and is fever free without fever reducing medication.  

Parents may walk their child to school between the hours of 7:15AM – 7:50AM.  The child must enter campus through the gate by the crosswalk and proceed to the duty teacher on the sidewalk by the gym to have his/her temperature taken.  The parent/guaridan must wait at the gate until the duty teacher indicates the child does not have a fever before leaving.  If a child does have a temperature, the parent/guaridan will follow the above mentioned process of having the child’s temperature rechecked after 10 minutes at the office in building A, the main office.

 Once the School Resource Officer closes the parent drop-off line at 7:50AM, the student must be signed in by an adult through the 4th grade office in building A and is considered tardy.


Parent Drop Off Map




After school pick-up will be the same route as parent drop off.  Parent/Guardian may begin lining up for pick-up at the stop sign on Louisiana Avenue coming up from the high school no earlier than 2:30PM.  Parent pick up is NOT ACCESSIBLE from North Street in the afternoon.  The pick-up route is off of Highway 171 onto Cypress Street.  This street has not been labeled yet, but it is the next street to the right after the entrance road into Rosepine High School from Highway 171.  At the end of Cypress Street, turn left onto Louisiana Avenue.  Each family that uses the parent pick-up system will receive a rearview mirros hang tag for the vehicle. (If additional tags are needed, you may buy them in the front office at a charge of $4.)  In an effort to make this system function safely, each family has been assigned a number and the number is printed on the tag.  Simply place this tag on your rearview mirror when you enter the pick-up line. You will need to leave it on the mirror until your child is loaded.  Any person in the pick-up line without one of the school issued tags will be asked to park in the gym parking lot until all other children have been loaded. At that point, you will need to provide identification before a child will be placed in the vehicle.  Please make certain that the person picking up your child has a tag to display.

Parents who wish to walk their child back home, please wait outside the gym in the afternoon and your child will be brought to you.



No student will be allowed to check-out through either office after 2:40 PM.  

After 2:40PM, students may be picked-up at the back of the school via the parent pick-up line. Early check-outs are tracked per nine weeks.  Once a student has been checked out early four times during the same nine weeks and is checked out early again without a doctor’s excuse, the student will be assigned to detention.  The last hour of the school day is just as important as the first.



Tardiness affects a student’s attendance record.  Late arriving students must be signed in by an adult at the main office in building A. Once a student has been tardy to school four times in the same nine weeks and is tardy again, he/she will be assigned detention.  


Students arriving late to school will be officially signed in through the front office in building A. Although the student will not be considered absent for that day due to the tardy, the computer in the office will keep a cumulative record of minutes tardy. The same holds true when a child is signed out early. When the minutes add up to a half-day’s absence, the student will no longer be considered to have perfect attendance and will have a record of absence.